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We have build a new factory where powdered egg is produced. Previously, the company outsourced the drying process, but due to rising transport costs and a growing market we decided to take control of the production process itself. The result is a brand new factory under the name Dutch Egg Powder Solutions (abbreviated Deps) where we produce protein powder, egg yolk powder and custom egg powder products.

The egg powders we produce can be made according to client requirements, we can add ingredients such as salt, sugar, and flour, just to give a few examples, and we can also produce ready-to-use baking mixtures for industrial bakeries. Deps is part of the Wulro Food Group


  • : DEPS
  • : Gezondheids/welzijn sector
  • : Daan Kessels
  • : Graafschap hornelaan 140J
  • : 6004HT
  • : Weert
  • : +31 495-745700
  • : http://

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